Tuesday, February 4th at 11am EST - 6pm EST


  • A DO GOODER IS...a entrepreneur, a visionary, a change maker, a rock star whose life’s work MUST reflect their values in a deep way.
  • A DO GOODER IS...authentic - so who they are in their Life’s relationships MUST be seamless with who they are in their Life’s work.
  • A DO GOODER IS...a trailblazer who MUST build their movement, mission or business THEIR WAY - conscious, clean, fun.

did you just say to yourself...

...I get a grating feeling in the pit of my stomach any time I think about “marketing” my work

...I feel unsupported and embarrassed by gurus that tell me making 6 figures means I’ve made it (after telling me what designer shoes they’re wearing)

...I feel cut off and alone working (obsessing) too many hours for too little return

...I get overwhelmed by world events that make it feel like my work is a never ending up hill struggle....I need to get beyond my mental blocks but I’m exhausted by the one-size-fits-nobody schemes and crave something real!


Let me tell you...Success isn’t what’s being sold on TV, where you live, or how many “followers” you have.  It’s feeling like you are alive in every moment, connected to who you are and why you are here.  Knowing how you define it keeps you from waking up 5 years from now wondering where you lost yourself along the way.

It’s time for a Deep Dive into Discovering your Own Answers.
To Build your Business without Old School Business Strategies that feel crappy and require you to compromise your values.
And to Be Deeply Witnessed, Supported and Affirmed in community

This is a way to own YOUR vision of a truly successful life and to build your work in deep connection to the big things that matter most!We can choose the lens we look through, but we have to take off the ones we wear first.

It’s time to Do Awesome by Doing Good! .... re:Treat

Here’s what it’s all about…

My clients talk about how frustrated they are...

with the current business aproaches being taught. How so much of it feels icky, sticky, nasty, formulaic and against their personal values. Feeling pressured to accept the Old School Business Strategies because that is just the “way it’s done.”

They also know that time’s - they are a changin’...

and that it seems more and more possible to step into a new way of doing business, yet they just don’t know exactly what that means or how to do it without losing everything they’ve already built.

So, over the years in my work with clients, in creating and rocking my own businesses, and studying alternative businesses and creative economies, I created my 4xP Approach as a response to the old, fear-based, scarcity-minded way of doing business.

The 4xP Approach...

holds that the Do Gooding entrepreneur’s path to real success is Prosperity, not just the profit driven goals of most businesses.

So, what exactly is Prosperity?

It’s the package deal: Health, Wealth, Love & Spirit.  Imagine what the world would look like if entrepreneurs measured success not just by how much money they make, but by how deeply rooted they are to something bigger than the “bottom line.”

Hold up.  Wait a minute.  Maybe you’re on board with that, but asking...

“How do you build your business without resorting to old paradigm business strategies?”

Well, I’m glad you asked.  To bypass all the crap out there that doesn’t fit with your values, you get to create brand spankin’ new strategies through the lenses of People.

Not only will they be the easiest strategies around because they come from deep within you and not from a guru that doesn’t know where you truly shine, but they also deeply serve humanity in ways that move us all forward.

You win.  Your people win.  The world wins.

See…typical do gooder in me wants everyone to win.

If all of this is floating your boat, but you don’t know me yet, here are a few tidbits:  My name is Julia Kious Zabell and my work is empowering Do-Gooding entrepreneurs and visionaries to change the way business is done in the world…starting with focusing on their own personal Prosperity.

I teach my 4xP Approach (Prosperity=People+Planet+Purpose) in retreats, to my personal clients, and to groups hungry for a new way of doing business that makes them feel alive, purpose-full, and like they are actually having an impact.

If all of this is floating your boat, but you don’t know me yet, here are a few tidbits:  My name is Julia Kious Zabell and my work is empowering Do-Gooding entrepreneurs and visionaries to change the way business is done in the world…starting with focusing on their own personal Prosperity.

I teach my 4xP Approach (Prosperity=People+Planet+Purpose) in retreats, to my personal clients, and to groups hungry for a new way of doing business that makes them feel alive, purpose-full, and like they are actually having an impact.

I came to this work after having tried to grow my coaching practice by learning from many of the gurus out there, only to find that their strategies didn’t work for me because they were so wildly out of alignment with who I am and how I want to treat people.  After spending tens of thousands of dollars chasing their promises, I took a big step back. If I can’t do business that will change the world aligned with my soul, then I won’t bother at all.  Once I started looking for companies and individuals that were obviously running their businesses in a way that felt whole-some, I started taking notes on what they were doing and why they were doing it.

Of course, once I started focusing on this work myself, my own life changed dramatically: I was able to let go and stop freaking out about the pace my business was building at; my relationship with my husband became stronger than ever; all of a sudden I had tons more time and space to have more fun; I was able to get in right relationship with money and consistently increase the flow; my connection to Source felt like it was weaving in and around everything I did, rather than relegated to meditation time; my body has been able to embrace the path of healing it has longed for, the repercussions of a life well experienced…

Being in the ‘after’ space now, I realize that there isn’t anyone I’m aware of doing new paradigm business coaching in a way that really makes sense to what I had just gone through.  So, voila, here we are.

So, here’s what we’re going to do…re:Treat.

This is a 1 Day Group Intensive online focused directly on you and your personalized 4xP Approach.

What you’ll walk away from this experience with:

  • 3 rock solid, personalized strategies that feel custom fit for you. Strategies focused on you getting more of the good stuff outta life, starting now.
  • A personalized Prosperity Path so that you can add more depth, additional strategies, & “doing awesome” to your business without me even being around.
  • Support and brain storming from a group of like-minded business leaders who care. You’ll walk away with feedback that lights you up rather than being overwhelmed with unspoken “shoulds”.
  • Not to mention a new network of supporters cheering you on.

But, what does that get you?

  • An easy “Hell yeah” or “Hell no” for your decision making in projects, partners, investments…you name it.
  • Feeling less stressed and less frantic all around…Cause stress sucks (and kills, I hear).
  • A deep and powerful knowing that what you’re doing is exactly what you need to be doing.
  • And some like-minded Do Gooders who have your back when you’re really up the creek and can’t find a paddle!

Here’s what past participants had to say...

One WHOLE day?  Away from the business?

Feeling a little uncomfortable with being away from the day-to-day in your business and wondering why this needs to be a full day rather than a seriesof ongoing calls?  Let me tell you…

How many times have you signed up for one of those ongoing courses, started full of fire and then lost steam 1/2 way through?  Or got a book that you expected to change your perspective on everything, but then never truly cracked the spine?

Well, this format allows for true mind-blowing by taking you out of your familiar day-to-day so you can have an objective look at it all.

The fear of stepping aside from your business for one day is rooted in our cultural expectations, judgments, and your own sense of worth.  90% is just showing up, right?  Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s not.  100% is being fully present, grounded and alive.  Just showing up isn’t that…it’s sloggin’ through.

And, if you need one more reason, understand that this is a re:Treat from your business the way it currently is.  It’s a way to step back and see the “Big Picture” of your business and your life.  A way to see where things might be falling apart a little.  A way to hit reset.

This event was called, “Awesome, nourishing, expansive, possibility-inspiring, awakening, sacred, healing, safe, catalytic, tangibly useful, divinely practical, and transformative!”

So if you’re ready for some of that, here are the details…

The Price:  Sliding Scale $95-495

Straight up, I want this to be as accessible as possible to you.  Recommended amount is $295, but trust your gut and enter the amount that feels right for what you’ll be getting from this event…we can always amend the amount after the re:Treat if need be.

In addition to the financial exchange, I ask that you:

  • Show up 100% ready and present…no multi-tasking.
  • Actually do the work! These strategies only work if you do ‘em. Seems self evident, but thought I should re-iterate it).

Now, don’t think that this will be a walk in the park where you show up and I spoon feed you.  In the new paradigm, design and development happen in a larger whole with many minds and hearts looking for the answer…and we find it inside of you.

Show up knowing that this will change your life and your business forever.  Cause I know, you’re ready for it.

Tuesday, February 4th at 11am EST - 6pm EST

A couple F.A.Q.’s

“What if I’ve been “successful” in my business for awhile…will this really teach me something new?”

For those of you that know how to generate some profits already, this course is designed to usher you into a deeper, more integrated way of operating your business to give you more freedom and richer fulfillment.  (The majority of people who have gone through this event have been in business 3 years or more)  Not to mention, operating from a new perspective can create that freshness that gives a power boost to an old business.

“What if I’m brand new to my business…will this be right for me?”

Well, let me say, if you don’t have any idea what kind of product or service you offer or who your customers are, this might be a little beyond you.  But if you have an inkling, an idea, an inspiration, a twinkle in your eye, then HECK YEAH, jump in!  This will give you not only the next steps you need to take to clarify your work, but also a frame work to come back to time and again as your business grows without having to spend tons of money chasing other people’s strategies. This way, you build your own strategies and have calm discernment where to invest in the future.

“Online?  Can I really make meaningful connections and be myself in an online format?”

Everyone has loved the online format!  I was even surprised by how quickly and intimately the group was able to connect and to share.  I heard back that it was a relief not to have to be all “business-y,” that the format gave them permission to be themselves 100%.  Not to mention that everyone had the comfort of their own home to move through the day rather than some far away destination (including all that travel and what not).

Direct from my heart to yours:

I know that building a purpose-full business can be one of life’s most challenging, frustrating, isolating, and rewarding experiences, especially for a person who really wants to do good.  As we move into a time where old paradigms are falling by the way side and new models surface and trends change, it can be easy to get seduced and lost in the “7 Steps to a Gazillion Dollars” messages out there.

But, if you’re ready to listen to the voice inside that wants something better, something more, something bigger. If you truly wish for world peace. If you honestly could use a little more sanity, love, joy, and clarity.

Then I’m here for you.

I sincerely look forward to co-creating a new reality for you and your business…now let’s get the party started!

Big love,

P.S. And did I mention that it just plain feels better to do business this way?  It does.  So treat yo-self.

Another P.S. Block out your calendar for February 4th at 11am EST-6pm EST and be sure to note the time zone differences!

Super P.S.  Is now not the right time?  Do you feel called to re:Treat, but know that time or finances just don’t have it in the cards right this moment?

Then let me know by getting on the Notification List.  No obligation at all on your part.  You’ll just be the first to know if and when I’ll be hosting another re:Treat so you can jump on board.

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